Monday, February 18, 2008

"Giri Giri Sisters" (chapters 2 and 3) by: Kisaragi Gunma

I actually had released translations for these two chapters months before another trans group redid all four chapters with a cleaner source material that had become available. Anyway, I thought, "what the heck!" and threw them up here for anyone that wants to take a look. Here are the links:

"Ii no ka ore?" by: Nanno Koto

This story is from the book, "Aneka", done by Nanno Koto. This is the first chapter in the book and it's a brother and sister relationship story. This book is an on going project for me, so look for more stories down the road. DL link here:

"IN A SILENT WAY" by: Black Dog

This is one of the best Black Dog doujin ever! (in my opinion anyway). I was in the middle of translating, Nagato Yuki no Nikuyoku, when I picked this up and started reading it. Well I was a big Makoto fan in the first place and the story was great. So I just sat down and knocked it out in about a week! The story revolves around Makoto and her next door neighbor. Peer pressure and alcohol are a bitch!! Here's the DL link:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Neon Genesis Evangelion, "I don't care if you hurt me anymore"

Okay here's a NGE doujinshi I translated a while back. I went back in and changed the font to something a little better than what I used originally though. Anyway, this is a story about Rei, Asuka and of course Shinji!
Asuka is on the attack but who's on the receiving end? Oh by the way, this story comes from the doujin, "Paradise Lost 2". Here's the DL link:

Nagato Yuki no Nikuyoku

Here's another Nagato Yuki story. Yuki is still trying to figure out what makes Haruhi tick. Of course she needs Kyon's help! link is here:

[Shinohara Heavy Industry] HARUHIX "Kyon's Melancholy"

Here's chapter 2 from HARUHIX, "Kyon's Melancholy". A day in the life of Kyon and the gang. This chapter is rather... well strange, considering the fact that it's not really hentai but it's in a hentai doujin! Here's DL link:

[Shinohara Heavy Industry] HARUHIX "Nagapon"

This is the first story from HARUHIX featuring
Kyon and Yuki. Kyon has contracted a deadly
virus and it's Yuki to the rescue!
Here's the link:

Strawberry Panic (A dream after dreaming)

This is a Strawberry Panic "yuri" doujin that features a midnight tea party, Nagisa, Tamao, Yaya, Hikari and a bottle of brandy!
Here's the link: