Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Setsunateki Mousou Shoujo - Lion Heart chapter" by: Beat Pop (Miray Ozaki)

Greetings to all! This time around I present you with the Lion Heart chapter of "Setsunateki Moujo". I decided to plug this story in between volumes 19 and 20 of the TGE story line because in volume 19 there was a picture of Ai in a waitress uniform and I thought to myself how I'd love to see her in a story where she worked as a waitress. Thankfully, a fellow Ai-chan fan turned me on to this story and my dream was fulfilled! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

"The Great Escpae vol.19" by: Miray Ozaki

Hey gang. Back with more TGE. In this episode, Ai fails a test. And she has to put her "extra curricular activities" with Hiroto, her boyfriend, on hold to ensure that she passes the make up test. But that doesn't stop her classmate from taking advantage of an opportunity when he gets one!   Enjoy.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Comment Corner

Got a general comment about a title? Has one of my upcoming releases already been translated? Or do you have info you would like to share on potential projects I could do, Black Dog or otherwise? Please let me know in this section. Thanks a lot!

"The Great Escape vol.18" by: Miray Ozaki

Hello guys back again with more TGE! This time our heroine Ai has a late night encounter with her homeroom teacher... in a public park! Here's the DL links,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TGE Jesus! Jesus! fixed.

Okay everyone, I fixed my blunder. I forgot to translate a page in the Jesus! Jesus! story. So I went back and fixed my goof. I replaced the old DL links from the previous post, with links to the revised story. I've included links for the one page that was missing here in this post for those that want just the one page. You'll have to do some page renumbering though. Page 168 in the old file is actually page 169 and then you'll have to start renumbering pages from there. Sorry again guys. As a form of apology, please enjoy this picture of Irie Saaya-chan   sporting her Ai-chan ponytails! Look forward to the TGE Book#2 compilation coming soon!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Great Escape - "Jesus! Jesus!" by: Miray Ozaki

  Hey guys, long time no see!! Okay, back with the last story of TGE Book#2!!! In this episode, there's more sexual hi-jinks in the classroom. Hmm maybe Ai will get caught by Hiroto-kun one day. This one was too close!!! Oh well... on to book #3!  ^_^/