Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"After school stranger" by: Yakiyama Line

I did this one because I really love the pencil artwork in it, it's different.
Here's the DL links:


ATXAlchemy said...

Maybe you should follow a certain standard... i.e. the file naming. Try going with names like 009.jpg or 09.png instead of 9.bmp.

If you're using (some) sequential image viewer, they'd be messed up in order.

Phantom: said...

The files for this are not .bmp they are .jpg. As far as standards go I number the files from one to whatever the end may be fourteen, twenty whatever. And if my Windows Picture and Fax Viewer reads it in order I'm happy. If you're using InfraView or something like that, then just put a zero before files 1-9, like, 01.jpg, 02.jpg etc. And it should play fine for you. If I can remember to do it I will but I make no promises. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate. I was wondering when the ¿second? chapter would be scanlated. :)

ATXAlchemy said...

Nope, I was just using the file extensions as an example because I did not bother seeing them. >_< (See the .jpg .png .bmp)

The thing about Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is that it does not open an archive file (.rar or .zip, etc), which is usual for things passed around the net. Viewers that can view inside those archive files are the most used things for scanlations as these arrive packaged in zip, just like yours.

So for many people, we don't even bother unzipping the files, much less seeing if the file name is in "proper naming".

Make it a habit and you won't even be thinking about not getting it.

Also, you shouldn't be saying something like "edit them yourselves". That kinda implies that they may remove your credits or something.

Phantom: said...

wtf... first of all nowhere in my previous post did I say you should EDIT my material! Renaming a file is NOT editing a file! What I am saying is that if,by chance, you download a title that doesn't play in the proper order on your viewer, rename it. It's that simple! You get it for free and I do it for free. That's not a bad deal as far as I'm concerned. And with that, I'll lay this topic to rest.

Everson said...

Great manga. Thank you a lot. Any suggest of other work by the same artist?

Ah: It was a great job with Beach Boy - Black Dog. Really awesome.

welcome_thrillho said...

anonymous, the best work by this artist is undoubtedly "Raisin Bread 2" a manga he created in 2006 that displays the most passionate and intense sex I've ever seen in a manga, with drawings just as beautiful as these. Best of all, it's not about some old guy raping a school girl. Amazing that it remains untranslated. You wouldn't possibly be interested in the project, would you Phantom? here's a link to the raw:

Even untranslated, it's still on of my favorite h-mangas of all time. Raisin bread 01 is excellent too, but I've never found a version with a decent resoloution. Damn, damn damn, I wish he'd do Raisin Bread 03.

Phantom: said...

thanks everson, I appreciate the comments. I love Black Dog's stuff too!

Thanks for the link welcome_thrillho, yeah I loved raisin bread #1! I'll download this one and take a look at it.

maybe it'd be something I'd do down the road.

Anonymous said...

hi, can anyone post this on mediafire cos i cannt access the file on deposit or mega so pleaseeee
i love yakiyama line's work...its awesome
and of course the translation makes it 3x better

Anonymous said...

So, the school teacher has been raping this girl and she tried to tell her friends about it under the pretext of a fake story?

That's pretty fucked.

Anonymous said...

The link is dead.
Can it also included in the Download archive (deposit files)?